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There are several logical and compelling reasons why the founder and CEO of our company sometimes – may still apply for (interim) jobs at other companies. This is sort part of his mantra.

First, it is important to understand that being a founder and CEO does not necessarily mean that one has all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in every aspect of the business. Our founder and CEO may have expertise in certain areas, but (he) may lack experience or knowledge in others. Therefore, it is entirely possible for a founder and CEO (in general) to apply for a (interim) job that is outside of his/her area of expertise, in order to gain new skills and knowledge that will benefit their current company.

Second, even a successful business can always benefit from new perspectives and ideas. The founder and CEO may have a certain vision for the company, but by gaining new experiences and perspectives through working at another company, they can bring new ideas and strategies back to their own company, which will help it to grow and evolve.

Third, as a founder and CEO, one may want to be a part of a team again and enjoy the dynamic of a team, and this is where a job at another company can be beneficial. Being a founder and CEO can be a lonely job and working in a team can be a great way to gain new insights and ideas, while also helping to keep you motivated and engaged.

Finally, it is also important to remember that being a founder and CEO is a high-stress job, and it is important to take care of one’s mental and physical health. By applying for a job at another company, the founder and CEO can take a step back from the stress and pressure of running a company, and regain a sense of balance and perspective.

All in all, being a founder and CEO does not mean that one cannot apply for a (interim) job at another company. 

In fact, it can be a great way to gain new skills, perspectives, and ideas that will benefit both the founder and CEO and their current company.

And this is part of the Bulletproof Methodology, and so is part of business. 

 And yes, this all can kind of sound like our founder, CEO is something of a warrior. But let me assure you, he is not. So don’t be misled by the image of this post. 

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