A real client example of our tiers in action!

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On of our clients, a retail company that sells products online.

The company had a solid customer base and a steady stream of revenue, but was struggling to scale and increase profits. They contacted us for help and decided to go with the Gold Tier pricing package.

We began by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the company’s operations and identified several areas for improvement, including their marketing strategy, website design, and internal processes. We then developed a comprehensive strategy that included revamping their website, implementing a new marketing campaign, and streamlining their internal processes.

We provided ongoing support and execution assistance as they implemented these changes, and helped them to optimize their operations for maximum efficiency. We also worked with their team to develop a high-performance mindset, which helped to improve their overall performance and productivity.

As a result of our efforts, the company was able to increase their net revenue by close to 1 million dollars. Because of our no-cure no pay model, our client only paid us 20% of this increase, which was significantly lower than our competitors who would have charged a flat rate, without achieving success. 

Because of this, our client was comfortable with working with us even though they never heard of us before and our business just started.

As a company, we believe that our client’s success is our success and that is why we always prioritize the client’s interest first

That’s why we do not disclose our clients, as we are not in the “name dropping” business and we want to keep our focus on our client’s success.

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