The BulletProof Methodology Steps

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Because each individual client case is different below an example outline of the BulletProof Methodology Steps. 

To achieve maximum results we tailer each step to your individual needs. 

Step 1

Human conversation

We start with a real one on one human talk. You can tell all about your business and we talk about many aspects of life. We record the whole conversation in an audio + video studio like yet relaxing setting.

Meet your management

Of course your team is not left out. They are as important as you. We will have a talk with the most interesting people within your organisation. Again: a real people talk. No staged uncomfortable situation.

Meet your specialists

Yes. They should also be part of the conversation. So we hook your specialist team up with our experts. Let the conversation begin.

Step 2


Here we combine everything we have learned so from from your organisation with our field and desk research.

Additional questions

Within the BulletProof Methodology we are looking for things you must have overlooked. There are always new insights to gain.

Step 3


Now it’s time for the cooking process. We will let all inputs rest for a while. This so we are able to let the creative juices flow and look into the future. This is where the whole plan comes together.

Step 4


This is the fun part. We have created our plan. Let is stern for a while, to stay objective. And now we will execute on this. This means that sometimes you will be surprised, sometimes you would not even notice that things somehow have changed, but in the end you will slowly experience a new way of working. Yes you and your management team will get assignments of life. Not in a backward school like manner. No on your time and your convenience.

Step 5

Continuous feedback loop

Now that we covered all parts of your business and life it’s time to set the proper continuous growth and feedback loop in place. We provide you with the necessary tools to Up Your Game and leave a long lasting impression on the market and your personal life.

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