What Investment Strategies Do We Offer?

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Below our investment strategies that perfectly match the BulletProof way of doing thins. 

Doing things with the right energy will have a positive impact on your life.
You want to leave the world better behind then when you entered it.
We too.

So why work with us?

In the end it all comes down to following your gut. One thing we know for sure. Unless managing your investment all by yourself is something your aspire. Or just being a cog in the system (which you are with investment banks) is something you can accept. Being part of something bigger and understanding why we focus on seasoned entrepreneurs instead of "20-year something" young people without the experience of life. If the latter is the case, then join us and make this the next journey in your life.

Principle 1

Tier – Conservative

From an investment perspective this strategy gets you a decent return. As you understand this also means taking a conservative approach. Sometimes you might feel left out on the bigger opportunities. The BulletProof Methodology however makes sure even this strategy gets you the feeling of being part of something important.

Principle 2

Tier – Moderate

Even though most of the time you like to be part of the winning team and taking risk is how you got where you are in life. Understand that when it comes down to investing your own money.. Sometimes taking it slow is a very logical approach.

Principle 3

Tier – Entrepreneurial

Sorry to say but you know the entrepreneurial approach is in your blood. You should never change a winning team and this is how you got here. All the better to you, so let’s take some risk and help even more entrepreneurs realize their dreams. The BulletProof methodology has to make it work. Enjoy life and live it to the max.

Your benefits

Blossom and build a better tomorrow

Transparent information

We make sure you have access to key videos we use to keep record of our decision processes.

Strict principles

Everything we do is set in stone by Principles. This is an ever growing process. You will have full access to these sets of principles and can attribute as much as you like.

Custom reports

You are busy enough or just want to enjoy life. Either way we provide easy to digest custom reports tailored to your needs. No mumbo jumbo.

Build a Legacy

As said before. While others search for what they can take. A true king searches for what he can give. With our investments you build a legacy.

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