How the Bulletproof Venture and Methodology came to be

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Accelerators or banks only find young startups or “the already successful business” interesting. Not because of a working model, but because this is where the “easy money“ is made. Over 95% of all startups will fail. This is not sustainable. With the BulletProof methodology we focus on the much bigger mature group of seasoned yet struggling entrepreneurs. With the BulletProof Methodology they can thrive again and reclaim their success. That is sustainable.

By sheer necessity and by learning it the hard way we had to become BulletProof ourselves.

Fortunately we had the luck to be able to overcome our setbacks.

These insights now serve us well and is the foundation on which the BulletProof Methodology is build. Looking back we could have achieve our goals much sooner if we just had something like the BulletProof methodology to rely on. Especially when we were in dire straits.

Your benefits

Blossom and build a better tomorrow

Build Strong Brand

The BulletProof Methodology walks you trough building a strong and lasting brand.

Live Changing Effects

The BulletProof Methodology walks you through all areas of your life. Only changing yourself would mean creating a gab in your live.

Become High Performer

The BulletProof Methodology walks you through becoming the best version of yourself.

Build a Legacy

As said before. While others search for what they can take. A true king searches for what he can give. The BulletProof Methodology teaches you this.

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