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Our workshops

Our workshops are a powerful, proven way for you to make real impact in your life and your business. Thousands of people like you around the world— entrepreneurs, founders, teams —have discovered that they can make a difference in their business once they learn to become Bulletproof. Join our workshops and discover what you’ve been missing.
Finally become bulletproof
By now you understand why the 5 Bulletproof Methodolgy impacts your business and life. We on the other hand understand that it can be hard to make real changes. Do not worry. We are here to help you every step of the way. How beautiful is that. During our workshop you will learn everything that we teach in our E-learning courses in a more private setting. The impact has never been greater. 

Areas we cover

People and process

Become attractive leader
Interact with other people at highest level
Make people like you.

Branding and marketing

Storytelling, Brand Core, Positioning,  Customer Persona, Design

Capital and cash flow

The lifeline of every company. You have some, but are in need of more.

High performance mindeset

how to build  a winning mindset
how to deal with adversity
how to build great habits, love the grind
how to develop a healthy lifestyle

Fight Insecurity

Insecurity plays – unconsciously – a dominant role in why People do not achive their goals. So in order for your team to thrive this must be addressed.
The 5 Transformations™ is all you need.


We will share some growth hacking secrets. Some call this white hat versus dark hat stuff.  For us, it’s all about “results”. But – DOING NO HARM TO OTHERS – is always key. 

Our Workshops in a nutshell…

Our team designed this workshop to demystify the general (mis)conception that gurus, business coaches and consultants want us to belief (and predicate): that it takes years of training, education, experience and the many other practices out there in order for us to become a business savvy person. We open the door for you and your team and teach that it only takes 5 easy to understand Bullets you shoot fire at your business and life. So basically you and your team get what you want out of life.

Who’s it for?
Entrepreneurs, founders, teams —if you’re looking to make a greater impact with your business and in life. This workshop will give you the tools and practice you need to succeed at every one of the 5 Bullet Proof Methodology and not only help you and your team achieve goals in business, but also improvements in health, wealth and relations..

How does it work?
Our workshops always contain three elements:

1. The lessons: Depending on your level we cover aspects of our teachings from our E-learning courses and (work)books.

What we cover:

  • The power of words & understandings and importance of awareness.
  • How do achieving goals, leadership, team spirit, high performance mindset, dealing with adversity, setbacks, creating habits, employee happiness all relate to insecurity.
  • Tools, frameworks, and examples of the 5 Bulletproof Methodologies.
  • A simple step-by-step process for each of the Bulletproof Methodologies.
  • A safe place to share insecurities that every person has and together get better at each of the 5 Bulletproof Methodologies.
  • The courage for you to incorporate the 5 Bulletproof Methodologies in your and your teams life (and share your story).

2. The prompts: Each lesson has questions and worksheets designed to guide your thinking to spark insights about your insecurities. You’ll use them to (re)write your personal and business story and succesfully move through each of the 5 Bulletproof Methodologies.

3. The conversations: The heart of this workshop comes from connecting with your peers via the 24/7 discussion board and during real life get togethers. Part of your journey in becoming BulletProof comes from supporting each other and teaching what you have learned during each stage of the 5 Bulletproof Methodologies to others. You can expect a significant level of helpful feedback and the more you contribute, the more you will grow.

You also have the option to join weekly live community calls led by our coaches. These calls are offered at various times so no matter where you are in the world, you’re able to participate.

Throughout the workshop, you will have the support of trained and certified 5 Bulletproof Methodologies coaches who will challenge you to go further and dig deeper.

What is the time commitment?
The duration of  our workshops basically depends on what you want to achieve in business (as a team) and in life for that matter. For some it just growing the business for others it’s building sustainable (long lasting legacy) business.  That is why our workshops vary from 1/2 day until various moments during a 6 months period.

What technology is required?

  • Computer – Desktop or laptop
  • Internet access
  • Discourse – This digital platform serves as our 24/7 discussion board and student portal. It’s where you will find all the prompts, post your work and engage with your peers.
  • Zoom – To participate in the live weekly coach calls we’ll be using Zoom.
  • Camera and microphone – To participate in the Zoom calls we encourage you to have both a mic and a camera.

Cost of tuition:
The cost of tuition again depends on your desires but ranges between € 350 – 1.600 (for each submission). There are no additional fees or taxes.

What the workshop is like

Depending on your desires the workshop takes place over 1/2 day – 6 months moments. 

Our workshops are interactive, meaning they aren’t merely static lectures on video. Unlike other (online) workshops, they are designed to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, rather than lifetime access to content. This is how real learning happens. They’re living, engaging, real-time communities of people who are eager to help each other go forward. Your insights help them unfold, leading to new insights, new connections and new breakthroughs.

Most of your time is spent working on your internal struggles, your (personal) goals and your needs and your (business) situation. And the rest of the time? You’ll be doing the work that leads to the most learning: teaching your peers what you know and helping them see a way forward. And they’ll be doing the same for you.

Show up for the sometimes (online) lessons, do the work, contribute to the community and you’ll get back far more than you put in.

The golden rule of our workshops always applies: the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. We don’t give you a certificate or college credit, but something far more valuable—a different way to see your business in relation to your life and with the 5 BulletProof Methodologies you WILL change your business and therefor your life.

Instead of a series of lectures, you’re enrolling in a journey with hundreds of others, fellow Bulletproof members in a hurry to make a difference in business and in fact in the world. Your contributions to the cohort make the workshop succeed. They move everyone forward.

Instructors: Pyke, Jeannette, Peter, Marie Antoinette


Did you ever really tried to listen to your and your team member inner why's? We will teach you.


What does it mean to reflect on the things your set out to achieve? We will teach you.


5 minutes to learn - A lifetime to master. Yes this involves practice.


When you open up to yourself and to others about your insecurities, goals and ambitions you will notice that your level of engagement increases. Perfect right?

Safe environment

We are all about Becoming BulletProof. This means no people who try to downplay, or make fun of other people.

learn anywhere

Our workshops are 100% suiteble to enter from any where in the world. Because sometimes this is the best option for you.

Workshop Levels Guide


Becoming BulletProof is first and foremost about facing yourself (yes humans still do all the mental thinking). So are you a beginner? Or does your ego or voice of insecurity tell you that you are at least an intermediate or advanced. Either way. We advice you to start at the beginners level.


Luckily its very easy for you to identify if you are an intermediate. So when you are not advanced and not a beginner, you are an intermediate.


At this level you understand that you will never rid yourself of your struggles, insecurities and manny other things that are holding you down. Simply because there is nothing to get rid of. Just like you can not get rid yourself of your fears. They are there for a reason. What you need to do is learn how to move ahead despite your fears, despite your insecurities (the 5th Bullet). Either way. You are advanced when significant changes happen in your life and you want to give even more meaning to your business and life.

And why this is important?



We go over everything with a more high level view. Sometimes it might even feel we move to fast. Don't worry. We help you - not to listen to your voice of insecurity (5th Bullet).



You had time to reflect so here we expect you to participate even more. And luckily for you, because you already covered the 5 Bullets, you are more than happy and perhaps even eager to participate. So we cover everything you learned so far more in-depth. This is where you will understand why we say: 5 minutes to learn - a lifetime to master.



The 5 Bullets are now part of your life. Not only for yourself but also in helping others and fellow businesses. You also find yourself more then often spreading our message. But, and for the first time in your life this is a beautiful "but", because you have opened the door and are really on your way to find real meaning with your business, so see there is a whole new world out there you want to be part of. This is why you want to become "Advanced".


In addition to our workshops, we also have our Masterclass, where we basically teach you how to teach the 5 BulletProof Methodologies yourself. Contact us for more details.

Live mentoring

Some people just prefer that little bit more attention, or just want to go that extra mile, or just have a much stronger internal dialog that prevents them from achieving their goals. Whatever the case, or whoever you are we are more than happy to provide Live Mentoring. Contact us for more details.